What we offer

Highly professional system design, sales, installation and maintenance service.

Software solutions

A comprehensive platform for managing output documents for companies that simplifies the flow of communication with clients and provides flexibility to send transaction documents by any combination of channels - Print and / or Digital (E-archive, Email, SMS, Web, Whatsapp, social networks, etc.).

Omnichannel communication

Quadient platform enables the coordinated distribution of information to clients. In other words, whatever happens in a particular communication channel, the other channels are informed about it. It is important to note that the choice of omnichannel communication is chosen by the client.

Document production

IT preparation (Quadient and Xerox platforms) of digital documents for production in paper (BlueCrest, Xerox, Riso) or digital form.

Sorting shipments

BlueCrest know-how solutions for sorting letters, different types of e-commerce shipments as well as standard packages.


We offer pre-sale consultancy, sale, installation and maintenance of systems for the production of documents and sorting of letters, shipments from e-commerce and packages.

Sorting equipment

Sorting equipment from the world-leading manufacturer BlueCrest.

Enveloping machines

Professional enveloping equipment from BlueCrest.


Production printing equipment from well-known manufacturers - BlueCrest, Xerox, Riso.


  • Installation and training
  • Implementation and integration in different HW-SW environments
  • Preventive and standard maintenance in regular working hours or by request of the user.
  • Support